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Gastric or Stomach Cancer

The condition of cancer happens when normal cells in the body change and divide and spread uncontrollably. Gastric cancer, or stomach cancer, occurs when cancerous cells grow inside the stomach. The disease grows slowly over the years in the body. Stomach cancer can also grow into a tumor. Besides, the tumor may spread along the stomach wall or penetrate directly into the bloodstream. Other organs can be affected by cancer once it has spread beyond the stomach.

In India, it is one of the most common cancers among people in their 60s and 80s. 95% of cancer begins in the glandular tissue (lining the stomach). As an experienced stomach cancer specialist in Pune, Dr Neeraj Dhingra provides patients with the most effective treatments.

Causes of Stomach Cancer

The main reason for stomach cancer is a genetic change in your stomach cells. Furthermore, there are certain factors that can increase the risk of stomach cancer:

Gastric Cancer Specialist in Pune

If you experience these symptoms frequently, you may need to consult a stomach cancer specialist in Pune. Besides checking for any problems, a specialist can see if you have other risk factors. Additionally, you may experience more serious symptoms as stomach tumours grow, such as:

The best way to use these therapies in your particular case will be decided by your oncologist (cancer specialist). If you are facing any stomach cancer syndrome, you can take a consultant from Dr. Neeraj Dhingra to get the right direction.